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We've been fantasizing about sharing my wife's sexy body for a few years now. I'm the one that brought it up first, and though she was a little hesitant in the beginning, she eventually became turned on by it and told me about her fantasies for BBC.

I have always caught guys staring and trying to hit on her. Everywhere we go, as soon as I would leave her alone, some guy would be trying to get with her big round ass and tits.  With a 32" waist, 42" hips and big tits, who doesn't notice?

I've been telling her for a long time how curvy and well-endowed her body is, and she would tell me everyday about being flirted with and all of the clever ways that guys would try to get her attention. So, I began to fantasize about one of these men actually getting their hands on my wife's voluptuous ass and tits. This was the first spark in me that grew eventually from a curiosity of seeing men lust after my wife's body, into a full blown craving to see her shared with other men.

I harbored this fantasy for years before stumbling upon some online rating websites that allow you to post pictures of your wife's ass, tits, pussy or doing dirty things. I couldn't resist. I decided to find an anonymous picture and see how guys reacted to her body. My first post was of a shot of her big round ass with only a thong on. The feeling I got from seeing her picture posted online and other men rapidly voting for her and leaving dirty comments was an absolutely electric feeling. When she saw how other men reacted to her ass, she was immediately curious and turned on. She saw that I am really into the idea of mutually enjoying and worshiping her sexy body and began to see the electric fun in all of this.

After a little more teasing and prodding on my part, several online posts, and many dirty comments later, she was completely on-board. She finally admitted to me that she gets excited about Big Black Cocks. She saw the excitement in getting to have no-strings-attached dirty fun and could finally express her fantasies to be man-handled by a group of BBCs.

At this point, she's completely embraced her sexuality and is becoming more addicted to fantasizing about BBCs. We haven't had our first encounter yet, but are looking for the right candidate :)

As you've probably noticed, we're keeping her identity anonymous. Maybe one day, if things go well, that will change.

We hope you follow us as we continue on our journey. If you are a BBC or even just a well-endowed man that would like to get to know us and possibly become the next feature on this website with my wife, contact us at